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This page has links to Toastmasters International information on the new PATHWAYS education program as well as links to information that may not be directly available from Ti, such as specfic local questions, More recent information will be posted nearer the top of this page.

Download customisable
"Transform Your Talent" flier
Download customisable
"Where will Pathways take you?" flier
Click here for a quick and
effective guide to Pathways Base Camp

Pathways Paths and Projects Catalogue – updated

This is a joint effort of District 57 Pathways Guides.

It is based on the World Headquarters Pathways Paths and Core Competencies file (below), combined with the project descriptions available in base camp.

The file is a PDF that starts with the ten paths. When you click into a path, you can then click a project to see its short description. The purpose of this file is to allow members to better understand the contents of any path.

Direct link to Toastmasters International
information pages on PATHWAYS

Note: when you click the above link, you will be taken
to a page that prompts you to "Begin Your Journey".

Although you will not be able to do this until the new program rolls out to our part of the world (towards the end of this year or early in the new year), we strongly recommend you click the link anyway to sign in to the Toastmasters International website as that will be a requirement for on-line use of the program.

If you have never signed in to the website before, you will see the login page asks you for your username and password. Just below that is an instruction for first time users. Follow these instructions and you will be "logged in"!

Make sure you enter the email that you
have registered with Toastmasters International

Once you have logged in, you will simply be returned to where you were. Scroll down that page for introductory videos and links to much more information about PATHWAYS...

PATHWAYS Paths and Core
(pdf 1.6mb)
A very useful document that shows you exactly what is in the new program

PATHWAYS Competencies
A detailed listing of competencies Toastmasters can gain in the new education program

The new document showing the way in Toastmasters and the new education program

PATHWAYS Projects Analysis
Everything in Pathways at a glance

If you have a speciic unanswered question about PATHWAYS,
please email jve21770@bigpond.net.au to seek an answer




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